Corporate Foundation


Corporate Mission

Effective hygiene systems + Smarter cleaning solutions = People well-being.

Corporate Vision

At Caterclean Supplies, our vision is to be chosen as the best solution provider and source of cleaning, hygiene and washroom products to the market sectors in which we operate.

Our vision includes promoting and developing our corporate brands to become the choice of consumers in our chosen markets. We will always lead with honesty, integrity and dedication.

We will maintain and strengthen our position by supplying quality products and excellent service at a fair price that will enable sustainable growth.

We are dedicated to maintaining an honest, responsible and caring approach to our customers, suppliers, staff and all others who contribute to the success of our company.

Corporate Values

At Caterclean, our corporate values are WHOLE.

  • WILLINGNESS - Helping our customers, staff and stake holders to exceed expectations
  • HONESTY - We believe in integrity and transparency in all of our dealings
  • OBEDIENCE - We're accountable and responsible for all of our actions
  • LOYALTY - We're loyal to ourselves, to each other and to our company
  • EXCELLENCE - We strive for excellence in our quality, service and purpose

Corporate Culture

Caterclean's corporate culture is one of continual improvement. Embracing our enduring values, beliefs and practices, these are shared with all members within our organisation. Our corporate culture is intended to increase productivity, growth and efficiency across the company. This in turn provides long-term rewards for our customers, staff, stake holders and vendors.

Our key objectives within our corporate culture include:

  • Implementation of our Mission, Vision and Values
  • Long-term strategies and goal setting
  • Focussing on the future direction and growth of the company
  • Promotion of creative, inspirational, innovative ideas, seizing favourable opportunities
  • Embracing change and adaption to continually evolve and excel
  • Implementation of efficient communications and relationship systems
  • To be professional and to have a passion for our business
  • A committal to Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Obedience and Accountability
  • To bring everyone together to work as one whole to achieve the desired results

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Caterclean, we're committed to maintaining a high standard of social responsibility. We strive to create a culture of care with our employees, suppliers and customers, and we regularly monitor our working conditions to ensure the compliance of regulations and that our standards are adhered to.

Our key CSR objectives are:

  • Safe and hygienic working conditions
  • No discrimination
  • Employment is freely chosen
  • No harsh or inhumane treatment allowed
  • Working hours are not excessive

Quality Standards

Across our global supply chain, we insist on a high level of quality and constantly monitor our suppliers for quality performance.

At Caterclean Supplies, we take quality seriously and we aim to put it first in our presentation, our service and our products.

Sustainability Charter

At Caterclean Supplies, our commitment to a sustainable environment is motivated by our responsibility to future generations. We feel this is an essential obligation that will only increase in importance.

Our Environmental Policy is an organisation-wide commitment that governs the environmental standards we adhere to, how we identify and control impacts associated with our operations, and how we monitor, measure and improve our performance in these areas.

Key Sustainability Objectives

  • To ensure compliance with all applicable environmental legislation and regulations
  • To uphold the 3 R's principle at all times: Reduce, Re-use and Recycle
  • To reduce emissions and prevent pollution
  • To improve waste management practices
  • To minimise consumption of natural resources
  • To minimise noise and other nuisances
  • To promote products from sustainable sources
  • To work with suppliers and customers to lower carbon footprint
  • To carry out annual sustainability assessments